Congratulations! Successfully Finished 2018 Tokyo Cleaning Show

Release Date:2019-01-29


Tokyo Cleaning Show Scene

As well know, Japanese attaches most importance to cleaning, and treat cleaning products very strictly. They care about sanitation very much and request high quality.



Disposable Non-Woven Cloth Piece and Roll

And in the fair,we have dealed with 4 customer at the scene with our proffessional knowledge and our high quality product. The most popular items are the disposable non-woven wave pattern cloth and disposable antibacterial mop cloth. the non-woven cloth can be used for the foodservice or household cleaning, no terry and eco-friendly. the disposable antibacterial mop cloth can be use in the hospital or the school, it can be recycling used about 60 times, so please don't worry about the quality. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

We sincerely appreciate our customers that they trust us so much, we won't let them down not only the quality, but also the delivery time and the service, our customers trust is our biggest power to make the efforts.

We have finished this show successfully, and we also look forward the next cleaning show in London on 19-21 March 2019, see you next time! dear!