Food Service

If you’ve been using either laundered shop towels or textile shop rags for foodservice prep, you can choose our nonwoven/paper as a hygienic alternative. They are heavy duty cloths, with high-tech fast-absorbing material.Our premium foodservice prep cloths are made of soft pulp fibers, bonded to a polypropylene base sheet for absorbency and tear resistance, making them suitable for removing dirt, oil, grime and solvents in a variety of industrial, manufacturing and foodservice industries. They feature a textured surface, which helps efficiently pick up food particles. Plus, they come conveniently and compactly packaged in a quarterfold format (an alternative to a box of rags) and are so sturdy that they can often be used more than once (once you’ve used them a few times, they’re disposable). They are designed to clean surfaces and tools, making them a must-have for your operation.

Our wipes are durable, absorbent cloths that stay strong for cleaning performance; features textured surface to pick up food particles

Each industrial cloth measures 12.5” x 23.5” (unfolded) cleans oil, dirt, grime and solvents; Comes quarterfolded for easy storage

The wicking power of the cloth picks up water almost instantly, and hangs on for fewer drips. Laundered shop rags can’t match that kind of performance.

Pound for pound,our wipes hold more oil than rental shop towels and shop rags; One pop-up box replaces 10 lbs. of rags


Packing method:


    2.Removable Box


    4.Jumbo Roll